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Oct 22

The Poor Will Carry the Costs of the E-Transport Scheme

Press Release

  • Sun 22nd Oct 2017

Like any policy decision, the e-transport scheme has three components. The first is its economic rationale, the second is its cost benefit analysis, and the last is its execution. We have heard and seen the chaos around its execution. There should not be any disagreement that this decision has greatly frustrated and inconvenienced the public.

Sep 22

Suva Launch and Dinner

Speech by Party Leader Savenaca Narube

  • Fri 22nd Sep 2017

I join the earlier speakers in welcoming you to this celebration. It is yet another milestone in the young history of Unity Fiji. I am delighted that you are able to join us on this occasion. A warm welcome to our volunteers, and I see a few tonight, that helped us register as a political party.

Sep 5

Unity Fiji concludes its first visit to the Northern Division

Press Release

  • Tue 5th Sep 2017

Unity Fiji successfully concluded its first visit to the Northern Division since its registration. The visit from 30th August to 2nd September, covered Bua, Savusavu and Labasa. Similar to its recent tour of the Western Division, the main aim of the visit was to thank its members who enabled Unity Fiji to register. Of the required number of members of 1,000 from the Northern Division, Unity Fiji received 2,200. In keeping with its motto to put people first, the second aim of the visit was to listen to the people on matters that concern them for inclusion in the party’s manifesto. The last aim was to introduce Unity Fiji to the people.

Aug 21

Political Integration is the Future of Fiji’s Politics

Press Release

  • Mon 21st Aug 2017

Unity Fiji is holding talks with political parties that share in the Vision of uniting this nation. We are motivated to be part of this political integration for two very important reasons. First, Unity Fiji recognises the reality that Fiji is made up of different ethnic groups. Tragically, since independence, we have seen politics that have polarized us which has come at a huge cost to the people of this nation.

Aug 18

Unity Fiji is launched in the West

Press Release

  • Fri 18th Aug 2017

Unity Fiji was launched in Nadi on Friday 18th August after completing its first phase of “Meet the People “program in the West. The launch was attended by the Chiefs and people from the Yasayasa Vakara ranging from Rakiraki in Ra to Cuvu in Nadroga. The Leader of Unity Fiji Mr Savenaca Narube said, “We wanted to meet the ordinary people in the West, thank our volunteers and to talk again to representatives of the people that we had met earlier.”

Aug 18

Western Launch

Speech by Party Leader Savenaca Narube

  • Fri 18th Aug 2017

Let me first acknowledge the presence of the Chiefs of the Yasayasa Vaka Ra this evening. I thank them for their attendance and support. I am grateful to the Ratu Tevita Makutu for his words of encouragement and his call for unity. I thank all of you who are here tonight.

Aug 4

August Tebbutt Times Poll

Unity Fiji's Response to Poll Results

  • Fri 4th Aug 2017

I would not put too much weight on the polls when the elections are over twelve months away. There are few things that one should keep in mind as they read the results of the polls. First, a sitting government always has a distinct advantage because of its visibility. Second, the timing of the poll favours this government as its only one month after the populist budget was handed down. Third, and very importantly, polls drastically change as a country nears the elections and most of the time the changes are seldom in favour of the sitting government. I would expect a significant change in the pattern as we near the elections. As the newest party in Fiji, I am rather flattered that Unity Fiji has made the grade.

Jul 18

Presenting a Credible Alternative

Statement by the Leader of Unity Fiji

  • Tues 18th July 2017

I join Satish in warmly welcoming everyone to this inaugural press conference by Unity Fiji.

Today, is another milestone for us. We would like to first express our deep appreciation to the 9,500 members that have joined the movement from all walks of life and ethnicities across Fiji. I would also like to acknowledge the volunteers that have visited all parts of the country to sign up our members. We also thank those that have prayed for the Party and encouraged us on this journey.

Jul 6

Unity Fiji Registered

  • Thurs 6th July 2017

We are happy to announce that Unity Fiji has been officially registered as the nation's latest political party.

Thank you to all the volunteers and supporters that have helped make this a reality.

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