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About Us

Unity Fiji presents a credible option to the voters in the 2018 general elections. The new Party is multiracial. Its main aim is to put people first. Unity Fiji will build lasting unity across ethnic groups under a shared vision based on the reality that Fiji is a multiracial country and that its people must be free to keep their chosen identities, cultures and traditions.

Consultations across Fiji have clearly revealed a call for an alternative party, one that will attract the confidence of the entire cross section of the people. The new Party has been formed by a team that has the credentials to present a credible choice to the people. Very importantly, Unity Fiji brings a new brand of politics that puts people and not politics first.

Why Vote For Unity Fiji?

The fundamental issues that will differentiate Unity Fiji from other parties are:

  • We will put people first
  • A clear vision of Unity in diversity for Fiji shared by everyone
  • A genuine multiracial party that will address all ethnic issues from a perspective of unity
  • Economic and financial management skills and experience that will provide more jobs for our youths and better develop the country sustainably
Although multiracial, Unity Fiji will genuinely address the concerns of all ethnic groups in Fiji from the perspective of building national unity. Unity Fiji has the skills and experience in economic and financial management which will provide more jobs to our youths and improve the wellbeing of everyone irrespective of where they live in Fiji.

Overall, Unity Fiji will present a credible alternative government to the voters and the new Party is confident that it will receive much more than 5% of the votes in the upcoming elections and these votes will therefore not be lost.

Our Vision

The Vision of Unity Fiji is "Unity in Diversity". Unity Fiji will develop a clear vision to build a Fiji that everyone will be proud to call home. We will consult with the people so that they own and share a vision which recognises that we live in a multi-ethnic country and what happens to one ethnic group must be a concern to others. Our collective vision will not require any one to sacrifice their God given identity.

Unity Fiji is a multiracial movement. We believe that multiracialism will enhance our opportunity to address all ethnic concerns in a lasting manner. Multiracialism is the future of Fiji’s politics. Unity Fiji will promote transparency, tolerance and understanding of our ethnic issues amongst everyone.

Our Values

The values of Unity Fiji are God based:

  • Love our neighbours as ourselves
  • Tolerance of our fellow men
  • Transparency
  • Servant leadership
  • Do to others what we want others to do to us

Help Us Make a Difference: