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Our Manifesto

Our 2018 Manifesto, labelled “A Roadmap to Peace and Happiness”, is anchored in providing “Education for All” which aimed at:

  • Free education for all up to tertiary level
  • The removal of TELS
  • The write-offs of existing TELS loans

Our anchor of “Education for All” is supported by three themes:

  • Providing Dignity of Living to All of which the components were:
    1. Taking development to the people
    2. Supporting workers and businesses
    3. Increasing access to quality health care
    4. easing the burden of everyday living

  • Leaving No One Behind aimed at reducing poverty and inequality

  • Empowering the Nation which included:
    1. Providing visionary and inclusive leadership
    2. Healing the wounds of the past
    3. Empowering communities
    4. Restoring democracy and good governance

You can access our full 2018 Manifesto by clicking the link below:

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