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Our Logo

The outer blue circle depicts the ocean that surrounds us and gives us our livelihood. The innermost green circle depicts the land and other resources that we use in our lives. The middle aqua circle depicts the unity of the people of Fiji and their interaction with the country’s resources.

Party Name

The name “Unity Fiji” clearly reflects the main aim of the party to genuinely unite the people of Fiji. This unity has been elusive for a long time not because of the people but because of politics. Since independence, politics have been divisive and polarised. The people have paid a high price for this brand of politics. True unity can only come from the people. Unity Fiji will forge true unity through a shared vision which allows people to retain their chosen identities and culture. On the political front, Unity Fiji will attempt to bring together political parties to contest the elections under a common banner.

People First

The main aim of Unity Fiji’ is to put people first and not political agendas and plans. The party will allow the people to have their say in shaping the destiny of their children and grandchildren. Unity Fiji will unite the people through a shared vision. It will be fair in its treatment of the people. It will strengthen its accountability to the people. It will provide more jobs to the people. Through building true unity of all ethnic groups, Unity Fiji will provide lasting security of the people

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