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Road To 2022

2018 Elections

Our achievements in the 2018 elections were seriously affected by the very short time that we had to prepare and the lack of financial and human resources. It was a very revealing journey:

  • There was predominance of fear. People were fearful of being seen supporting an opposition party let alone donating money. People that promised to be our candidates pulled out because of fear
  • Instead of fighting against a common enemy, established opposition parties branded us as small which discouraged people from voting for us
  • The media severely discriminated against new political parties. We were excluded from major debates, radio shows and television programs. This was most unfair discriminatory
  • The ability of Fiji First to avoid sanctions from the Electoral Commission and the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption for threatening insecurity if they were not elected and giving out cash to the people on the eve of the elections
  • The court ruling on Mr. Sitiveni Rabuka’s case two days before the elections
  • We pointed out numerous irregularities in the conduct of the elections to the Electoral Commission and the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption, but no actions were taken
  • The superficial assessment of the international observers of the integrity of the election processes
  • Our challenge to the Court of Disputed Returns fizzled out because of technicalities
While the results of the 2018 elections were well below our expectations, coming in as the fourth party with the largest votes in our first attempt with only a year of preparation, is a source of great encouragement to move forward to the next elections. Unity Fiji is here for the long haul.

2022 Elections

The most important change for us in the run up to the 2022 elections is that we now have more time to prepare. We have learnt from our mistakes of the 2018 elections. We are aiming for the following:

  • Better administration of the party’s activities
  • Early selection of candidates
  • Stronger visibility to communities
  • Raising more funds for the campaign
  • More focused and smarter campaign strategies
  • Early release of our manifesto
We are in the process of implementing strategies through a Unity Strategic Plan (USP) to address the above aims.

With more time to prepare and strategies aimed at overcoming the mistakes of the last elections, we are confident that Unity Fiji will form the next government in 2022.

We encourage you to be a part of this exciting journey and become a member, financial supporter or volunteer. You can register and donate right here in this website.

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