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Aug 21

Political Integration is the Future of Fiji’s Politics

  • Mon 21st Aug 2017

Unity Fiji is holding talks with political parties that share in the Vision of uniting this nation. We are motivated to be part of this political integration for two very important reasons. First, Unity Fiji recognises the reality that Fiji is made up of different ethnic groups. Tragically, since independence, we have seen politics that have polarized us which has come at a huge cost to the people of this nation. Unity Fiji will dismantle politics and policies that divide our people. We will replace them with a Vision of “Unity in Diversity” where people live together without sacrificing their chosen identities. Political integration is an integral component of this national unity. We must start at the political level.

Unity Fiji embraces a broad based multiracial approach to politics where people of all ethnic groups can rally together under a common banner of unity and where all ethnic concerns are transparently addressed with the lens of unity. Fiji needs a new visionary leadership to achieve this higher national aim. Unity Fiji aims to be part of this new leadership. Unity Fiji is therefore listening and talking to political parties that share the same vision. At this delicate stage of the discussions, we are not able to disclose any further information. While integration always requires compromise, Unity Fiji feels that these are acceptable to achieve the bigger aim of political unity for the betterment of our people. We however would like to stress that the discussions are continuing and no decision has yet been taken by Unity Fiji to join a coalition.

Second, Unity Fiji will fight to ensure that people are not denied their rightful representation in Parliament. Under the current electoral law, a political party must get more than 5% of the total votes cast before it is eligible for any seat in Parliament. 5% of the votes is equivalent to about 3 seats in Parliament. Therefore, a political party either has 3 seats or nothing at all. This is grossly unfair. It denies the fundamental right of representation of the people that voted for the parties that do not make the threshold. This is one of the many flaws in our electoral laws.

We are confident that Unity Fiji on our own will get more than the 5% of the votes. Our aspiration to integrate political parties before the 2018 elections is aimed at building a broader political platform for the future and to remedy the unfairness in the legislation that deny voters their rightful representation in Parliament. We are confident that this political integration will give us the mandate of the people to govern Fiji.

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