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Aug 14

Unity Fiji Brief

  • Monday, 14th Aug 2017

An Introductory Summary of the Party's Key Objectives

Why form another political party?

  1. Unity Fiji will present a credible political alternative to the people. The people of all walks of life have told us of the need to establish a political alternative.
  2. We will be credible because we will deliver what we promise to deliver. We will deliver because we have the leadership and the people who have proven themselves in serving Fiji.
  3. We will replace politics that polarise us by those that unite us. We will put people first not politics.
  4. We will elevate the level of political dialogue so we can develop economic and social policies that are relevant and sustainable.
  5. We will use our proven experience in managing the economy to give young people more jobs and help those that are poor and vulnerable.

How will Unity Fiji put people first?

  1. We are here for the people—not for ourselves. We will consult widely and respect people’s views.
  2. We will be fair to all the people.
  3. We will be accountable and transparent to the people.

How will Unity Fiji build lasting unity?

  1. We will build lasting unity by developing a national vision that is shared and owned by everyone. In this vision, people will be free to keep their God given identities. We believe that the foundation of true unity must be the people.
  2. We will address ethnic issues from the perspective of national unity. What happens to one ethnic group must be of concern to others.
  3. Lasting unity will give us peace and prosperity.

Why has Unity Fiji chosen to be multiracial?

  1. We believe that multiracialism is the future of Fiji’s politics. Our problems have been politics not the people. We are serious at integrating all ethnic groups and we must start at being truly multiracial at the political level.
  2. Multiracialism will not weaken our ability to solve ethnic issues. On the contrary, it will improve our chances of finding solutions that last. We will promote transparency, tolerance and understanding of our ethnic issues amongst everyone.

What are the values of Unity Fiji?

  1. Unity Fiji upholds God’s universal values of loving our neighbours, mutual respect, tolerance for our fellowmen, doing to others what you want done to us, and servant leadership. These values are ingrained in the party’s Constitution.
  2. The Party will collaborate with the churches, all religions, and all communities to ingrain these values in the lives of our children and grandchildren.

What is Unity Fiji’s major message to the people?

  1. Exercise your right to vote.
  2. Get registered and replace lost voter ID.
  3. Make your vote count by knowing the issues that matter for Fiji and your families.
  4. Leave a legacy that you can be proud of for your children, grandchildren and those that will follow.

Who are the people behind Unity Fiji?

Unity Fiji is led by Savenaca Narube, the former Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji and Secretary for Finance. The President is Adi Sivia Qoro a former Minister of Commerce and Industry in Fiji. The General Secretary is Satish Kumar a successful businessman in Suva.

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